Hi! I'm Stacey! I'm a happy wifey and mama to 3 amazing kiddos. I'm also an avid homebody and home improvement enthusiast. I'm here for God's glory and my prayer is that I reflect Him in everything I do! 

I absolutely LOVE photographing teen girls! When you are in front of my camera I want you to see what I see; a beautiful and unique human being. Capturing a portrait that shows the essence of who you are is my goal. Giving you an experience that will cultivate confidence and leave a lasting memory is my priority. You are more than a number to me. You are a wonderfully made and beautiful girl becoming her own unique woman. I want to capture that girl, the person you are now, because you only go through this exciting time of your life once. Let's document it together!   

I can't wait to meet you!

some of my favorites:

• my husband & kids
• home improvement projects
• being a homebody
• eyelash extensions (I'm obsessed!)
• changing my hair color
• glasses!

stacey poterson